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Chin Ho Kelly
Chin Ho Kelly
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Chin Ho Kelly
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[edit] Biography

  • Resigned from HPD after being investigated by Sgt. Cage of Internal Affairs for allegation of theft. (1.08 Mana'o)
  • Covered up for his Uncle Keako, who had stolen $200,000 from the asset forfeiture locker for the treatment of his wife, Mele. (1.20 Ma Ke Kahakai)
  • Initially turned down his reinstatement at HPD citing that he found a family in the Five-0 task force. (1.24 Oia'i'o)
  • In the course of his job at HPD, he helped take down a huge drug operation, during which $28 million in cash was confiscated as evidence. Part of the money was allegedly stolen by Chin for which he was investigated and led to his subsequent resignation. In 1.12 Hana 'a'a Makehewa, the Five-0 task force took $10 million of the money to pay Victor Hesse's ransom demand in exchange for Chin's life.
  • Was shunned by his family, with the exception of Kono, after being accused of stealing money from HPD. (1.03 Malama Ka Aina)
  • Chin's financials were monitored by Internal Affairs after he was accused of theft. IA had spread the news of records of the asset forfeiture locker going missing in order to draw Chin out. However, they found no unexpected expenses from Chin. (1.22 Ho'ohuli Na'au)

[edit] Family

[edit] Jobs and education

  • Uniformed officer and then a detective in the HPD, District 7[1] and District 5[2]
  • USS Missouri BB-63 Security[5]
  • Investigator with 5-0
  • Re-joined HPD in 1.24 Oia'i'o with the rank of lieutenant.

[edit] Minutiae

  • Broke up with fiancé, Malia in order to protect her while being investigated. (1.15 Kai e'e)

[edit] Speculation

[edit] Goofs

[edit] Notes

  1. Steve: "I heard you became a cop."

    Chin: "I worked with your father in the Seventh. He taught me everything I know about wearing a badge." (1.01 Pilot)
  2. Chin: "Back in the day, this used to be my beat."

    Kono: "District 5?"

    Chin (smiles and nods in agreement): "Every good cop knows his neighborhood. I used to spend sixty-plus hours a week here, and most of it was to get to know the people." (1.14 He Kane Hewa'ole)
  3. Steve: "You were there with my dad?"

    Chin: "Yeah. I was fresh out of the academy, he was my training officer." (1.03 Malama Ka Aina)
  4. Steve is showing Chin the contents of the Champ box: "Look, you were his [John McGarrett's] partner when he retired, Chin, does any of this make sense to you?" (1.11 Palekaiko)
  5. Screencap of Chin's uniform shirt
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