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John McGarrett[1]
John McGarrett
Birth date:
March 15, 1942[1]
Death date:
Sept. 20, 2010[1]
First appearance:
Last appearance:
Deceased (Shot in the head by Victor Hesse)
Played by:


[edit] Biography

[edit] Family

  • Father killed while stationed at Pearl Harbour in WWII. Presumed to have been raised by his mother, Steve and Mary's paternal grandmother.
  • Friends with Joe White (refers to him as an honorary uncle to Young Steve and trusts him to look after him while he's attending school at Annapolis.)

[edit] Job

  • 1992: head of HPD's Organized Crime Unit[4]
  • Lieutenant in the Navy during Vietnam[1]

[edit] Minutia

  • Buried in the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific in Honolulu
  • Screencap of his tombstone
  • Second generation Navy (father also served).

[edit] Goofs

[edit] Episode appearances

[edit] Speculation

  • Appears to have a similar affinity for Hawaiian shirts during flashback scenes as Lt. Kelly.

[edit] Notes

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    Chin: "Yeah. I was fresh out of the academy, he was my training officer." (1.03 Malama Ka Aina)
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