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Kono Kalakaua
Kono Kalakaua
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[edit] Biography

  • Spent three years on the pro surfing circuit until she blew out her knee[1]
  • Signed as a pro surfer to the Coral Prince team when she "about fifteen"[2]
  • Graduated from the Honolulu Police Academy as a rookie cop during the second episode (1.02 Ohana)

[edit] Family

[edit] Jobs and education

  • Rookie officer with 5-0
  • Sniper

[edit] Minutiae

  • Drives a red Chevrolet Cruze.

[edit] Episode appearances

Kono is in every episode of season one.

[edit] Speculation

[edit] Goofs

[edit] Notes

  1. Danny: "That's your cousin?"

    Chin: "Choose your next words carefully. Both of you."

    Danny: "She's very talented."

    Chin: "Oh, she's off the charts. Spent three years on the pro circuit before she blew out her knee. Kid was devastated. Had to reinvent herself and decided to wear a badge. Graduates from the police academy in a week. Unfortunately, she's family, which means the HPD will never take her seriously." (1.01 Pilot)
  2. Chin: "This is going to be hard on Kono."

    Danny: "Why's that? She know the vic?"

    Chin: "Yeah. Ian signed Kono to a Coral Prince contract when she was about fifteen. He was really like a second father to her. She was actually riding for the team when she blew out her knee. But instead of dumping her after that, Ian covered everything: surgery, rehab, all of it, even though he knew she was never going to compete again." (1.06 Ko'olauloa)
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