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Malia Weston
Malia Weston
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[edit] Biography

[edit] Family

[edit] Jobs and education

  • Doctor in the pediactric oncology department at Honolulu Medical Center West[1]

[edit] Minutia

Chin and Malia are implied to have dated for a while before their (original) engagement, as they used to drive a teenaged Kono to her surfing events.

[edit] Episode appearances

[edit] Speculation

It is unknown if Malia still uses her maiden name at work or if she is now "Dr. Kelly".

[edit] Goofs

  • Her lab coat in 1.14 He Kane Hewa'ole shows her last name as Weston[2], but the season two press releases list Malia's last name as Waincroft.

[edit] Notes

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  2. Screencap
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