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Max Bergman
Max Bergman
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[edit] Biography

Dr. Bergman is the medical examiner who handles all of Five-0's cases. He plays the piano and is a bit of a sci-fi geek. He is a close friend of the team and can be seen hanging out with them, along with Kamekona.


(About JPAC:) "This is like my Graceland."

[edit] Family

  • Unnamed roommate.
  • Adoptive parents.

[edit] Job and education

  • Chief Medical Examiner

[edit] Minutia

  • He attempted to organize a 'Team Movie Night' after Lori Weston joined the team.
  • Owned a bright orange jeep until he traded it in for a yellow version of Danny's Camaro.
  • Experienced spelunker
  • Allergic to shrimp
  • Does not drink alcohol (seen with a slushie while everyone else has beer)

[edit] Episode Appearances

Max became a credited and regular main cast member as of season two.

[edit] Speculation

[edit] Goofs

[edit] Notes

  • Makes time travel references, allusions to working with actor Greg Grunberg (Agent Morrison) previously on 'Heroes'.
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